Car Circuit Maintenance Pen Auto Car Vehicle Circuit Tester Test Pen Pencil DC 6V 12V 24V Light Bulb Voltage(Yellow)

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1.Colour Name:Green



  • High quality steel,sharp steel probe easily pierces wire insulation to check circuitry
  • Suitable for a variety of machines,suitable for maintenance on automobile, motorcycle, bulldozer, road roller, etc
  • Safety inspection,high safety and no heat in operation
  • Testing Range: DC 6V-12V-24V
  • Excellent design,innovative elastic wire with fine tensile property

Product Description

Color: Green, Yellow (Optional)
Quantity: 1 set
Testing Range: DC 6V-12V-24V
Tester Length: (Approx) 15cm/ 5.9"

Cable Total Length (Stretch): 220cm/ 86.6"

Package Weight:  59g

Package Included:
1 x Tester
1 x Coil Cable (With crocodile clip)
1 x Test Light