BTSKY Baby Toddler Kids Butterfly Wings Safety Harness Reins Strap belt lead pink

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  • KIDS CAN'T RUN OFF! - It's hard for parents to enjoy themselves in public places when worried about a straying toddler, but this safety harness buckles in the front and keeps kids close by!
  • LONG DETACHABLE LEASH! - Allow your toddlers to move around freely while still having complete control of their direction!
  • Detachable 4 foot(1.25M) leash hooks at the top and bottom of the backpack for better control!The leash/lanyard is long enough to let the toddlers feel free to move around, but you do not have to worry about them straying away!
  • Ultra comfort and cute design with adjustable straps, and chest straps for more safety.
  • Cute little butterfly design.It is not just a regular boring harness, but also like your Kids becomes a little butterfly flying around.

Product Description

Description :
Have a little explorer on your hands? It's tough to keep them close in crowded places, but the Baby Safety Harness gives you a comfortable way to keep them safe. With attention to detail for the child and caregiver's comfort, the Baby Safety Harness will give you the peace of mind you need!
When you are walking at the museum, zoo, fairgrounds, or just out and about with your kids, it is almost impossible to keep them corralled and next to you. This safety harness with leash keeps your toddler near you without a struggle!
Cute little butterfly design. It is not just a regular boring harness, it is like your Kids becomes a little butterfly flying around.
Package included:
1 * walking safety harness.

jenny doridoo
6 September 2017
Straps are a little fiddly to work out how to adjust, but they are fab my 18 month old is happy to wear them bright and colourful! Would recommend feels strange like walking your child but it's a lot safer than her running out into the road!
Delivery was fast ( i have Amazon prime )
Have to say think it will last a good fair while..
Quite sturdy and easy clip on and off.
Mrs Norma R Cardill
15 August 2018
Great. I looked at a lot of options! My priorities were safety/robustness and comfort for my daughter. I decided these were perfect. I didn't feel that I needed a backpack (as I wouldn't have my 1 year old carry her belongings!!) and when I saw the lovely design I felt that they would look really sweet as opposed to more dog lead like!

I purchased these to take on holiday as I knew she would not want to stay in her buggy. They are small enough to keep with you and when you unclip it looks like they have fairy wings on. They are strong (which was tested when we disagreed on direction!) &you can adjust the straps for comfort.

Great little buy!
Hayley Hobbs
15 January 2019
My daughter is a lunatic when let out the pram - most children are so well behaved & stay with their parents.... My daughter runs riot. This new contraption is amazing. She can't escape no matter how hard she tries. It also looks really pretty when on - which means she loves to wear it :)
10 May 2017
I ordered this to keep my toddler safe as she has a tendency to run like the wind when she sees something she likes. The fit is perfect for her and is in no way shape or form bulky. It looks cute and it matches many outfits so it isn't glaringly obvious she is wearing her little butterfly wings. The product seems to be of a sturdy make and I doubt it will fall apart anytime soon. The material looks like it will wash well but I have not tried as of yet.
27 April 2017
Love this. Fast delivery. Packaged well. Very cute and lots of comments. My daughter is more than happy to wear her wings. They are adjustable so have tranistioned well from wearing over big bulky coats to now wearing over lighter clothes. Love that the longer harness clips off the bit worn as it means you can remove it when they are running around without having to take the whole thing off......and then have the challenge of putting it back on again.
29 August 2018
These are fantastic looking reins, however really disappointed that the clasp that connects the strap to the actual part that my little 18 month old girl wears broke just as we were approaching a road.
katie james
9 June 2019
Absolutely brilliant veins! My little 19 month girl loves the bag the straps fit her really well and the across the chest strap means no taking it off. It’s so pretty really pleased
23 November 2018
A must have for anyone with an unpredictable, active toddler who wants to walk but doesn't like to have their hand held all the time. Very adjustable and no scratchy bits. Exactly what I wanted.
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