Ingenuity, Wood Foldaway Rocking Bassinet Classic - Wallace

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  • More airflow keeps baby more comfortable
  • Rocking soothes baby; locks in place when asleep
  • Portable design folds for easy transport and storage
  • Spacious cradle for more comfortable sleep environment
  • Beautiful and neutral design for boy or girl

Product Description

Product Description

Enjoy more peaceful moments from naptime to night-time. with its smart design, this bassinet is a dream for parents and babies. the unique foldable frame collapses, so you can move the bassinet seamlessly from room to room. this breathable fabric is also made to promote airflow, giving baby a cooler and comfortable space to rest. when baby is this calm, everyone can rest easy.

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Mrs. Alison Taylor
17 May 2019
Design and first impressions:

This bassinet design is lovely – a very modern design in muted greys and whites and was bigger than I imagined, about half as big again as the Moses basket that I thought it would be, the size of which is great as it means that baby will fit it for much longer. The legs are a grey wood with darker grey ends, the mesh sides are a paler grey and around the edges is a soft white cotton towelling-like fabric – lovely and soft. Inside the bassinet, the mattress part is a polyester/nylon type material – I imagine easy to wipe and clean up any ‘spillages’. The sides are a transparent lighter mesh, meaning you can easily see baby from the sides and it’s breathable and safe for baby too.

On unboxing, next to no assembly is required: you simply unfold the bassinet, part which pushes the legs into position, pushing down on the folding base/mattress until you hear a gentle click and the bassinet is in position.

The Base and Mattress:

The folding base and mattress is both sturdy and soft – the base feels like a solid wood and is covered on top with a soft topping for baby to lie on. It looks like one of our crib fitted sheets would just about fit it – if not, a flat sheet tucked in around the edges would certainly do.

The Rocking function:

The rocking function is also very simple, the horizontal bars between the legs of the bassinet rotate out of the way to allow all four feet to stand firmly on the floor for the stationary stable position. To use it with a slight left to right (not head to toe) rock, the wooden bars between the legs rotate to protrude a very slight curve of about 2cms, producing the ability for a gentle, slight rock. There are no pins to insert or small parts to remove or buttons to press – it’s all done by simply manually rotating the bars between the legs which I thought was simple and quick and clever compared to the larger rocking crib I have upstairs which needs a wooden peg inserted to stop the swing function.

Folding up and travel:
The bassinet folds up by pulling a looped strap in the fold of the mattress and pushing a simple white release catch with one finger underneath the base. One movement and the bassinet folds completely in half for travel or storage.

I plan for this to be my downstairs/daytime crib and it will tuck nicely under the sofa or behind a chair when I need to put it away for more space. However, I can see that this would be also a perfectly good night-time crib by the side of your bed if you only plan to have one. It folds so quickly and isn’t too heavy to carry up and down stairs if you wanted to move it around your house regularly too.

I also think that this would be a great travel option – it folds flat and is all in one piece, meaning it will be great for travel and overnight stays too, will easily fit into the boot of a car. I can’t really find anything to criticise – I think this is a great option.
3 May 2019
Bob Sherunkle
30 April 2019
I wish we had had something like this when our children were little, but it's proving very useful for our grandchildren.

It is so easy to put together that I wondered if I had done it correctly. The instructions are simple and easy to follow, and before you know it you have it built and ready for use. It is a lot bigger than I thought, which was a pleasant surprise.

It is easy to fold it up for storage or transportation; the mattress has a fold in it, which means you can leave it in the bassinet.

It would have been even better if the mattress was a little thicker, but that would probably make it harder to fold. You may have problems finding sheets to fit, but cot sheets work, and you can fold the excess underneath the mattress, providing a little extra cushioning.

The mesh sides are wonderful; not only does the air flow better around your baby keeping them cool, but you can also see them through it. This would be particularly useful if the bassinet is by the side of your bed, as you could keep an eye on your baby without having to get up to check (and also without them seeing you!)

It is light enough to easily carry from one room to another; it is equally easy to take elsewhere, as it folds up flat and is light and is so easy to just put it into the car. It is always better for a baby to have familiar surroundings and if you are staying away they will still be sleeping in a familiar environment, which will make them feel at home. (Much easier than dismantling and re-mantling a cot.)

It is as sturdy as it could possibly be for its design; if your baby is very active you may need to look at a different type of design.

The colour is unusual, as it is a gender-neutral grey, but it has an attractive appearance, and as the main structure is wood rather than metal it can fairly be described as sustainable.