Men's Motorcycle Skinny Slim FIT Denim Jeans with Dupont™ Kevlar® Lining - Black

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1.:34W / 30L



  • Motorcycle skinny/slim jeans for Men
  • Inside lining of 250gsm DuPont Kevlar
  • 11oz stretch denim (cotton 97%, elastane 3%)
  • Stretch shirring panel above the knee and waist-back for better movement
  • CE approved armour included as standard
  • Easy insertion of knee protectors from outside

Product Description

11oz stretch denim (cotton 8%, elastane %). Reinforced with 0% Authentic DuPont KEVLAR aramid fibres on Seat, Thigh and Knee impact Areas. DuPont and KEVLAR are registered trademarks of E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company. Suitable for daily use. Stretch shirring panel above the knee and waist-back for better movement. Easy insertion of knee protectors from outside. Non-shrink treatment. Fully machine washable.

19 November 2016
Not had to test out their protection properties but as Bike jeans they are a good fit, like that the knee pads can be inserted from outside, means there is no Velcro to scratch you on the inside. Very comfortable to wear. Think the Kevlar could be a little further down the front of the legs. Very reasonably price. Expct to buy more.
18 February 2017
Great looking pair of trousers, really comfortable too. Bit chilly on a brisk morning but nothing a pair of thermals underneath doesn't solve. Great value for money.
2 May 2019
27 September 2016
Better than the ones in the shops, and a quarter the price.
Danny Boi *****
9 December 2018
Actually better than I expected! Fit better than some really expensive ones!
14 January 2019
Bought these as summer riding trousers for short distances. I have never thought much point of riding jeans as they don't offer near enough protection as leather. However as summer gear for short rides they look fantastic and feel great. 5 stars for protection as I was unfortunate to cone off at 45-50mph going round a corner. I slid for some distance and the jeans held up with only a minor abrasion burn mark on the knee. The armour protected on impact so I came away completely unscathed. Fantastic product I will be buying a few more pairs
17 May 2018
Came with the main button ripped out and had to send it back at my own expense. Also I couldn't find any signs that knee and hip protectors are ECE rated
14 March 2018
These Jeans are awesome, I bought these two months ago and they are still like new. Super comfortable and well made